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Kids Mud/Rain Bib Overalls


Keep your kids warm and dry and clothes clean in all weather conditions.  These are not the cheap plastic rainpants but made out  durable nylon fabric.

  • Comes in red, flourescent yellow, black, yellow
  • Made out of PU coated nylon water proof Breathable fabric.
  • Snaps under the arms and elastic on the rear of the waist for a better fit
  • Heat Taped Seams
  • Heavy duty adjustable nylon shoulderstraps
  • Releasable front buckles
  • Removable foot straps

Sizes: 80 (age 2-3), 90 (3-4), 100 (4-5), 110 (5-6), 120 (6-7), 130 (7-9)  cm

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