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The Only Babywearing Vest that does it all!

The original best looking vest for babywearing in front, back, hip, or pregnant. One unique cut vest does it all!

This babywearing vest has the most unique never before seen design made for the serious or occasional babywearer in mind. Even the fashion babywearer will like it. No hole hanging open when your little one decides to walk for a while or you are out and about alone. Perfect fit for any babywearing.

8 month pregnant, fits beautifully and comfortably

The hidden zippers in the front will extend to make room for your child. This way you'll never leave your insert at home. The Suse's Kinder babywearing vest has an opening in the back for backwearing, making sure you are not getting choked when wearing your baby on your back. This vest does not need to be turned front to back in order to wear baby on your back. It always fits just right. It has a pocket on the lower back for extra storage.

The drawstring on the bottom will keep the warm air in this babywearing vest and keep baby warm. This is perfect for the times when it is getting a bit chilly but baby is alseep on your back already and you need something to keep baby warm but you don't want to be hot yourself. Just get your Suse's Kinder babywearing vest and off you go.

Pocket on lower back inside the vest. Fits a diaper and a few wet wipes. Great for running errands, like picking up children from the bus while carrying their little sibling along.


 Front and back babywearing possible

☺ No extra insert needed for front wearing. Hidden zipper will allow to make room for baby with no extra inserts to keep track off.

☺ Hidden large inside pocket on lower back for more storage

☺ Backwearing possible with hidden zippers. Vest is always comfortable because the collar will never be tight around your neck.

☺ Fleece material, easy to keep clean

☺ Easily put on and taken off, even with sleeping baby on the back

☺ Drawstring on bottom to keep baby’s legs warm

☺ Stylish design even without baby in it

☺ Pockets with zippers for your hands

☻ Sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge

Although not designed to carry your baby on your hip, Suses Kinder Babywearing vest actually allows for baby to be worn on either of your hips.

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