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El Nino Babywearing Poncho

El Nino Babywearing Poncho is a lightweight, yet warm, babywearing coat that will keep you and your baby warm during the Fall and Spring and even Winter in warmer climates (especially if combined with the Suse's Kinder Baby Wrap Blanket). It is made of 30% wool and 70 % acrylic for easy care and warmths. It  has cute little Alpacas on it. You can dress up or down with it.

Baby's head opening can be buttoned up so this unique babywearing poncho can also be worn without baby and will not feature a big hole like other ponchos do when being out and about alone or your child is walking.

- Lightweight wool blend poncho
- Easy care
- Warm but not bulky
- Peruvian Styling, for all who embrace different cultures
- Easy on and easy off
- Baby's head opening can be buttoned up so being out and about alone or with baby walking you don't have a big hole to make you cold
- Comes in Small, Medium, Large but will stretch to work for larger sizes
- Comfortable cut. Hides the knot of the wrap well




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