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-----Original Message----- Date: 10/24/2014 03:25 AM To: Subject: Comment about coat ! Hello (You are allowed to publish it... I'm sorry my english is not the best : I'm french) 6 years ago we boat a Suseskinder Coat Deluxe. Our daugther was 5 months old. We were very happy to feel so warm with our baby on my back or on daddy's tummy when it was snowing - so often that first winter! The next winter I was pregnant AND I carried sometimes my daughter on my back. No problem, the "pocket" for her could be open so fast and easy when she was getting cold... and could be closen so fast and easy when she wished to go on her own! It was the second winter. My son was born in march, I used a lot the fleece filling during spring and summer. Then the cold season was back: it was our third winter using that coat. The next spring we left home by bike to travel (cf! ). Without the coat. I missed it very much! But it was to big and to heavy on the bike... We came back home to spend three wintermonths at home: our fourth winter and we carried a lot our both children because it was cold and wet and we all feel so nice warm by carrying with "manduca" and a coat overall! We left home again by bike in march, and we missed the coat so much, it was sooooooooo cold!!! I was pregnant. Our third child, a daughter, was born 1 year ago (october 2013) at home. Fifth winter wearing the coat with my very little baby; now it is cold again and the coat is going to warm me all the cold season along :) A lot of friends of us bought a Suseskinder Coat: we are 5 mothers in our town (50.000 inhabitants), and some more in the whole country. Everybody find it so clever! Thank you very, very much for that wonderful coat :) Hélène Fremiot Belfort (France)


I just received the rain overalls that I ordered and am thrilled!

They arrived very quickly and are even more perfect than I anticipated! I expected them to be rubbery but they are made of a wonderful waterproof fabric that I know will be comfortable for my sons. I had hoped to be able to use them for snow as well as rain and mud, and now that I see them it is clear that it will be no problem, if they wear layers underneath. It is rare to find a product that is even better than expected. Thank you! I have already recommended the rain overalls and your site to a colleague!


Heather M

BTW, I just bought a kindercoat and I LOVE it. I can get my 3 year old and 5 month old in it at the same time and it's kept me nice and warm on our crazy 5 degree days around here lately.

Alice H


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I love my new kindercoat. It is absolutely amazing. You really thought of everything when you designed this coat. I am an avid outdoors person, who walks a lot in the rain and snow, and so far the coat is keeping me and my 4-month old son warm and dry. I am extremely pleased with the entire design and the very, very reasonable price. Everthing from the drawstrings, to the hoods, to the pit zips is just extremely well thought out. I love the red and white styling (in fact I'm not sure I would have bought it otherwise...and I would have been missing out!).

Thanks again!

Jen C.

British Columbia, Canada

Hello! WOWOWOW! Your coat is fantastic, I just got mine, unused, from a lday in the uK, for a mere 60 punds. I tried it on, with baby still sleeping in pouch! Plenty of room, so warm etc. Not sure if it will be warm enough for Finnish winter don to -30C though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is fantastic! I will send you photo if you want to put it on your website, shortly. My baby finally arrived, 3rd boy, Timi Valteri born 070506. Life is busy with 3 young boys, but now I can be outside with them all in all weathers!

Happy suseskindercoat wearer

Allie L

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I wore my red kindercoat in 13 degree below 0 Fahrenheit with baby in a baby wrap blanket and a couple of layers of clothes and we were both warm. I love being outside in the crunchy snow and the kindercoat allows me to keep my baby warm while enjoying the brisk temperatures.

Thank you for such great products!

Take care, M.F.

I have the zippers and the poncho- thank you!! I really love the poncho- my mom has alpacas... so cute.

Thanks for getting my coat up and running again!

Of course you can post the comments ... I really do love your products- they have made it so easy to be the type of mom I want to

be. So... thank you!

Jen P

I have to tell you how much I love my Kindercoat! It's been here in Chicago since August, waiting for me to get home, and Baby Sophie and I finally wore it for the first time yesterday. She's 11 weeks old now and I'm still carrying her in front. So I zipped the front panel in, popped her in, and off we went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for the afternoon to see the fall colors. She stayed snug and toasty, and so did I! Heidi

The Kindercoat is the most amazing piece of clothing to hit the babywearing world. Thank you! It is perfect. The little drawstring around baby's opening kept our son warm during the coldest windstorm, ice, and snow. The fleece liner is worn around the house when it gets a bit colder but not cold enough to get the wood stove going. It is perfect. We did change the back hood a little for storage but it was just a minor adjustment. This babywearing coat is by far more versatile than I ever imagined. Thank you.

Deedee F.

Thanks for a babywearing coat that is affordable but yet practical and nice to look at. I wouldn't have been able to buy any of the other coats on the market but I am glad I got the kindercoat. Thank you for your excellent customer service and quick shipping.


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that the diaper bag arrived safely (and so swiftly!) yesterday. I didn't get a change to play with it and investigate all the pockets etc til late in the evening but when I did I was able to pronounce that the bag has "enough pockets and organization"! My family laughed, I've never said that before about a change bag and I do have MANY! I used to do product review and even had a few that way, none of which are as well organized and compact. I'm looking forward to using it once my baby is born, with my carriers and new coat too. I might use the bag before then as its also pretty good for taking stuff on a long dog walk! We often need a lot of accessories, especially with puppies, and in my other life I am a dog training assistant, and so am often walking with puppies! .... Many thanks again for your superlative service. Best wishes, Toddy

Thank You for this special Coat!

Have a nice day!

Terezie , in Check


Attached are two photos of myself and my son Alexander for the drawing, using our deluxe kindercoat yesterday! We live in Juneau, Alaska, and the Mendenhall Glacier is off in the distance in the background of one of the photos. We love our kindercoat! You have my permission to use/publish these photos. Thanks!

Maureen J


I send you a picture of me and my daughter 3 months with our suse's kinder coat. We love and every day we'll walk. I give you permission to publish this photo on your website. Thank you kindly to register for the drawing of a product suse's kinder. I use the translation tool from google to write this message in English so I do not know if you understand this message. The French version will follow below.

Thank you very much for your attention

Gaëlle V, Quebec, Canada

I purchased the Deluxe All Around Coat in December and I can't say enough good things about it. The workmanship is excellent, the coat fits extremely well with baby in front, back, or even without baby at all.

Even though I have a warm bunting for my daughter, I was still worried about going out on longer trips in the winter. We are an outdoors oriented family, so of course I want my daughter to be able to join us. Thanks to this coat we have been snowshoeing and hiking all over our western MT home without worry for the cold. I'm also looking forward to using the pieces individually in the spring and fall.

Thank you so much for this great product, and for giving me the peace of mind over my baby's comfort when we are out and about. I hope that you enjoy these pics. You have my permission to use or publish any of them.


Jessica B

P.S. I have also purchased a never fail back wrap, and love it. Do you have any tips for getting it on by yourself while keeping the tails out of the snow??

I’m still loving my kindercoat with my now 19 month old. During the first snow of winter we bundled up and went out to enjoy the weather.

Thanks for making a great product.


Hi, I´m sending you my favourite pictures of us wearing this fantastic and helpful jacket.

I give you my permission to publish it for presentation and advertising Suse´s Kinder products.

Eva R Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

living in a freezing alpine place, i use this product daily and love it as weel as my son!!!

Alex, France

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