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 Suse's Kinder Deluxe Allround Coat

  Ever have a child who liked riding on your hip but you couldn't find a cover for both of you? Or a child who liked riding on your back but was sick and you needed him on the hip? Or baby is so little and you'll have baby in the front but you don't know what you'll do next year when baby wants to see more?

Here is the solution for it all. The Suse's Kinder Babywearing Jacket for all Babywearing Mamas and their little ones. This coat simply does it all!

Front, Back, Hip Babywearing, Baby and Toddler Babywearing, Pregnant, Solo, Single, Twin, or Triplet Babywearing, Rain, Cold, Sunshine, or Snow Babywearing - Suse's Kinder Deluxe!

Fuer Europa laden wir sie ein bei zu stoebern

Kindercoat and deluxe differences - scroll down

 click on photo above to enlarge

scroll down for more pictures of Suse's Kinder Deluxe babywearing jacket in use.

    This is the first and only babywearing jacket on the market that will truly accommodate all carrying positions possible, even nursing.

  •  Back and Front (tummy to tummy) babywearing

  • Right hip or left hip babywearing

  • drawstring on bottom of shell and insert

  • water resistant breathable shell of high quality fabric is a separate coat

  • insert is a cuddly fleece coat

  • baby's head opening on back adjusts from front with drawstring, easily accessible outside shell

  • small storage pocket on lower back

  • back opening of fleece is not detectable with hidden zippers

  • hidden hoods for all baby insert panels and the babywearer

  • snap on hoods for baby and the babywearer (Winter hoods that close around the neck)

  • 2-way main zippers for maximum adjust-ability

  • Adjustable sleeves with hook and loop tape

  • No open chest when babywearing in front

  • Pockets on shell and insert (very tricky with the hipwearing - you'll be astonished with the workmanship and detail in this babywearing coat)

  • great little pocket between shell and zipper in shell, perfect for car keys, money, etc.

  • removable headrest for back opening for your baby

  • FREE storage mesh bag for the many accessories when not in use to fit into closet

  • Fits ALL common babycarriers on the market

  • reflective safety strips

Moooody is checking out the new deluxe Suse's Kinder babywearing jacket. 

 What are the differences between the regular kindercoat and the deluxe kindercoat?

Here is a list:

  • The fleece liner of the deluxe is made with zippers on the back to look like a normal coat when wearing baby in the front or the fleece coat solo. Look at the pictures on the website, you can see there is no opening in the back when the back is closed.

  • The deluxe has 8 hoods!! 6 of them are built in for the occasional shower, 2 are extra snap on for the rainy and cold seasons. These hoods keep your neck and head warm. This was requested by European testers.

  • You receive an extra mesh bag to keep all your extra parts in, which you will need because this coat has everything.

  • The drawstring to adjust the back opening of your baby can be reached on the outside shell now, no need to slightly unzip the coat to get to it.

  • The cut is about 3" longer so the coat extends further down the hips

  • removable fleece head support insert for baby

  • with all the inserts, etc (you don't use them all at once). The deluxe weighs around 5 lb as opposed to 3.5 for the regular kindercoat.

  • **The deluxe, of course, has the hip carry option no other coat on the market has. This coat has been on the market in Europe for a while and all ring sling users love it. I personally love the colors and the workmanship. Do I own one? Can't decide if I need one since I have so many fond memories of carrying my children in one of the very first black/light blue Kindercoats and a sample red/tan Kindercoat. I do have a sample black deluxe I've used to make sure all parts work together as beautifully as they should. They do and it is cuddly. Maybe I'll try the yellow or red to really raise awareness for babywearing.

  • Either coat will give you and your baby a protected warm place to bond for a lifetime.

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