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Questions? We've got answers

Because this is a unique product we want to answer all your questions so you know what a high quality multi use coat you are receiving.

If you have Questions that are not answered on this page, please mail your questions to us at or mail any of the dealers.

Question: I ended up getting a used coat and just needed to know how to wash it.

Answer: Your coat can be washed on warm in the machine on gentle with mild detergent. (No bleach and no fabric softeners). It is best to separate the coat. Hang the shell to dry. The fleece liner can be put into the dryer on gentle.

Question: Can one person get this babywearing coat on without help from another adult?

Answer: Yes. it is designed to be used by one baby wearing adult using a baby sling or baby wrap. Both front and back will easily slide on if done correctly. See the side bar for instructions on wearing your Suse's Kindercoat.

Question: I am pregnant but still wear my toddler on my back. Do you think this coat will still work?

Answer: Wearing it with the front panel zipped in and your baby on your back should give you enough room to wear your Suse's Kindercoat and your toddler while pregnant.

Question: Can I wear two kids at once in this babywearing coat?

Answer: If you are strong, you can wear one on the front and one on the back. I would suggest looking into the NeverFail Backwrap if you want to wear two children with one sling and one Suse's Kinder babywearing coat.

Question: I usually wear a ring sling, will this Suse's Kindercoat do well with that?

Answer: If you wear your baby in the front with the ring sling or on your back, this coat will work great. We do suggest looking into a more secure carrier like the NeverFail Backwrap ( for back carries or a Storchenwiege baby sling ( ) for front carries.

Question: I live in Bavaria, Germany, and it gets really cold in the Winter. Will this Suse's babywearing Kinder-coat keep me warm?

Answer: Most likely it will. Usually you will not just stand around wearing the coat but rather be moving. The heat that is generated by moving is kept inside the coat and will keep you and your little one warm. Should it be very cold, a sweat shirt underneath will add the warmths you need to enjoy the outdoors all Year long.

Question: Why should I buy your babywearing coat instead of others on the market?

Answer: Good question that require lots of detail. In a nutshell, the Suse's Kinder babywearing coat is by far the most versatile coat on the market.

  • It is a rain babywearing coat and windbreaker

  • a lighter Spring or Fall babywearing coat

  • has a unique drawstring around baby's head opening for optimum heat retention

  • can be used by a single adult without needing help (as all other coats do)

  • is economical - get the most for your Dollar/Euro

  • extra storage pocket on you lower back with zipper even

  • hoods for baby in all positions possible in this babywaring coat and a hood for the babywearer

  • drawstrings to keep heat in on bottom

  • accomodates newborn to 4 years of age

  • looks attractive even without a baby

  • easy to work with and doesn't mess up y our hair when you put it on, etc.

If that doesn't convince you, maybe you want to read the customer comments, it's been positive feedback here and in all forums around the world. Give it a try, most dealers will exchange or you can return the coat. It is the most versatile and unique babywearing coat on the market and the most affordable too.

Question: Why are your products made in China?

Answer: Our products are made in China because after communicating with the few factories left in the U.S. we were told without exception, that our products have too many zippers and they cannot be produced in the U.S. as the textile machinery is not as updated as in China. We were told by every factory to go to either China or Indonesia for production. We tried hard and long to find a U.S. factory able to make our products but came up empty handed. Getting a better price wasn't the deciding factor as we have to pay very high import taxes and shipping anyway. Because we want our products to be high quality and most versatile and practical, they end up being quite time consuming to produce and labor intensive. None of the factories use child labor.

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